Huawei Wallet- Loyalty Cards & Huawei Pay

21/08/2020 13:55 


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In this article - I'm going to share you all about HUAWEI Wallet - Loyalty Cards & HUAWEI Pay



 Carry with you all the time your cards, coupons, tags, tickets, keys, and more!

 Support loyalty cards, gift cards, and coupons



Digitise Your Loyalty Cards

 Add your loyalty cards, gift cards, and coupons by scanning the code on the physical cards.

 Just open HUAWEI Wallet to show your loyalty card and collect rewards points.


Open Doors With Your Phone

 Add access cards for your workplace, apartment, and more to your phone. Not all cards are supported yet.



Pay In Shops With HUAWEI Pay

 Add your bank cards to Huawei Pay to pay in shops with just a tap or by scanning the code.

 UnionPay cards issued by participating banks can be added to Huawei Pay.



 Support for this feature varies by phone model and region.

 This is an introduction for the international version of the Wallet app and may not reflect the actual look and design of HUAWEI Wallet in your country/ region.




 Wallet at your fingertips.

 Fast and easy to pay in stores.

 Secure way to make payments with your Huawei or Honor devices.

 Add your bank cards to Huawei Pay to pay in stores with just a tap.

 All you have to do is tap your phone on the reader to check out.



Easy and secure payments at your fingertips by HUAWEI Wallet

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