Amaya Technology Company Limited

Amaya Official Brand
The advancement in Kenya in recent years has been remarkable and we are now able to enjoy convenient services utilizing new technologies in a variety of areas. At the heart of Amaya is its remarkable & genuine products that we acquire and this in turn requires accelerating advancements in new technological innovation and application in such areas as sensors, AI, and next-generation high-speed communications devices. Supporting these advances requires diverse types and vast amounts data & engineering, yet keeping it affordable for the fast growing society.
Since Amaya got its start in 2018, promoting and selling high end genuine Huawei products, the Company has contributed to improving the service and productivity in Kenya. 
In 2019, Amaya acquired the equipment business of Huawei Technologies Kenya Co Ltd. as part of the business reorganization of the Huawei Product Supplier. 
Going forward we will contribute to the building of a rich and comfortable society through our service based on our efforts to distribute and sell high-end products & equipment in addition to continuing to provide equipment and services that contribute to improving the quality and productivity of our customers as the niche leader in Kenya.